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Hotel Inspector lighting a difficult frontage on a budget

Example Project: The GrosvenorHotel , Rugby.
Exterior Lighting design: Greyblue Lighting Design.
Approximate design value: £600

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Hotel Lighting should be designed to represent the style /image  of the  Hotel whilst carefully considering its architecture and  surroundings.  When Channel 5 asked Phil Gardner to design the new exterior lighting for the Grosvenor Hotel, it was because this case was a difficult frontage made from 4 different Victorian buildings joined and added over many years. We considered the surroundings (city centre) and the local competition, i,e, Ibis, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, etc as they all have a style and colour associated with them to guide and identify them to the visitors at night.

In this project we had to quickly mock up a model and show the intended effects and produce light levels and viewing positions, as not only was the Hotel Inspector herself involved but so too the producers, the hotel owner and the local authorities, (who were very helpful and appreciative of being consulted before any decisions were made).