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“New Build Grand Style”, Beautiful Home Lighting

Example Project: Private Residence, with Cinema Room, Gymnasium, South Leicestershire.
Architect: Michael Lavender.
Approximate design value: £3,000

“Good lighting is always integrated into the building and hardly visible” Says Phil

Greyblue lighting design was again asked to design lighting for a unique family home in South Leicestershire. Light penetrates deep into the spaces with help of light coloured finishes, making the home feel large and spacious.

Greyblue can help you plan the daylight as it will fall into your home, we can even build a model of the space and plot the daylight at different times of the year as an aid to your architects services. A full evaluation of the natural light, depth of reveals and fenestration will all combine to tell you how light will enter, but then we take on the job of how light will bounce and reflect with different surfaces and we can plan the light accordingly.